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Clinical Data Labeling

Tel Aviv · Full-time

About The Position

About the position:

We are seeking a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Clinical Data Labeler - Auditory Data. In this role, you will be responsible for tagging auditory data based on clinical and technical criteria. Your primary objective will be to assist in training our company's AI model, which aims to develop a product to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens. Your meticulous labeling and classification of auditory data will directly contribute to the success of our AI model, enabling us to create innovative solutions that positively impact the lives of seniors.

Join our team and contribute to revolutionizing healthcare technology to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.


  • Review and analyze auditory data, including speech, sounds, and other relevant audio inputs.
  • Apply clinical and technical knowledge to tag and label auditory data accurately and consistently.
  • Collaborate with the research and development team to refine and improve labeling guidelines based on emerging insights and research findings.
  • Regularly communicate and provide feedback to the team regarding labeling challenges, improvements, and potential issues that may arise.

Salary: ILS 40 per hour



  • Clinical knowledge and experience or relevant recent studies
  • English as a mother tongue or equivalent proficiency 

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